Recycling is a responsibility we all share. That’s why we have partnered with TerraCycle, an innovative recycling company, and the Lions Club, a nonprofit recycling program, to help do our part to keep the world a beautiful place and help others the best we can.

At Pardon Me the Hearing Aid Store you can recycle the following:


Standard hearing aid batteries are not rechargeable. Please do not throw your used batteries in the garbage. Help us reduce the number of hearing aid batteries that end up in landfills.


Did you know? You can help someone hear better. Hearing aids collected are given to the Lions HARP program (Hearing Aid Recycling Program) a nonprofit that gives refurbished hearing aids to those who can’t afford them otherwise.


Participating in Pardon Me the Hearing Aid Stores recycling program couldn’t be easier! Here’s How


1. Collect

Collect your hearing aid batteries in a paper bag or you can pick up a free recycling bag at your nearest Pardon Me the Hearing Aid Store store.

2. Drop

Off At a Pardon Me the Hearing Aid Store store in the designated bins provided. We will supply you with a new recycle bag.

3. Repeat

Feel good about doing your part to help protect our beautiful planet.