If you’ve ever had a concern about your own, or a family member’s hearing, chances are it’s time to get assessed with a hearing evaluation. It’s typical for people with mild to moderate hearing loss to be in denial or even oblivious of their problem, even though family and friends are very aware of it.

It’s important to have your hearing tested, because hearing loss often goes unnoticed. Hearing loss and damage is unseen and unnoticed by you. Most hearing deteriorates over the years and can be such gradual progression that many sufferers never notice.

Pardon Me the Hearing Aid Store utilizes the most accurate and clinically proven screening techniques to improve your hearing including Pure Tone Testing, Bone Conduction, and Speech Recognition Testing.

What to expect at your first appointment

  • We will review your hearing and general health history
  • Talk to you about your noise exposure history
  • Discuss your hearing needs and review situations where you experience difficulty hearing
  • Conduct an in-depth hearing evaluation

At Pardon Me the Hearing Aid Store, you will receive

  • The most in-depth hearing evaluation
  • FREE demonstration of the latest hearing aid technology
  • Risk–free take home trials
  • Expert advice
  • FREE hearing aid checks, maintenance and cleanings
  • Price match guarantee

For more information on our hearing evaluations, don’t hesitate to contact us today.